Requirements to enter the Dominican Republic on vacation

Are you coming to the Dominican Republic and do not know what the requirements are? We share with you the rules to enter the country and that way you will not have any problem to come and visit us.   We also suggest you to make a list in advance stating everything you need to bring for…

A day like today, December 5, 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Las Americas

The arrival of Christopher Columbus to Isla Saona was on September 14, 1494, on his second trip, and he called it “Bella Savonesa”, in honor of the savona Michele da Cuneo, the first to realize that it was an island different from the so-called “La Española”, the current Dominican Republic. The natives, who had always called her Adamanay, found it difficult to pronounce the new name, so it ended up being called Isla Saona.

Documents you need to travel to Dominican Republic

  When traveling abroad it is essential that you know the documents that you will need to be able to access the country as a tourist. Here you can see the documents you need to enter the Dominican Republic:   A valid passport is required. You will also likely need a tourist card (US$10) already…

Palmchat bird, the National bird of Dominican Republic, on Saona Island

Closely associated with the palm trees coating the beaches of Saona Island in the Dominican Republic, there are the Palmchat, the Cigua Palmera in Spanish, is the national bird of Dominican Republic, and its scientific name is Dulus Dominicus.