So, what’s the latest status on COVID and the Dominican Republic?

People write to us from alll over the world asking; “what is the status of COVID in the Dominican Republic?” We decided to write this blog post to keep you updated, and if you are considering traveling to the Dominican Republic, you can make an informed decision. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Most travelers (for…

Carnival in the Dominican Republic, a fun and colorful tradition that you cannot miss

If you visit the Dominican Republic, in addition to attending the Carnival festivities, be sure to visit the islands of Saona or Catalina, they are paradises with postcard-worthy landscapes that are sure to be worth a visit and you will want to return.

Saona Island: a piece of paradise in the Caribbean

There are some hidden and special places in the Caribbean with a charm that catches you and makes you want to return. In the southeast of the Dominican Republic, near La Romana, there is one of those magical corners and it is called: Saona Island.