Isla Saona receives around 1 million tourists a year

  Saona Island annually receives around one million tourists and 20% are local Located 19 kilometers south of the mainland, the beautiful beaches of Isla Saona attract more visitors than all Dominican national parks combined. A protected area of ​​110 km2 and part of the Cotubanamá National Park, formerly Parque Nacional del Este, Saona is…

Time of whale watching! From JAN 15 to MAR 31

Take a Catamaran excursion to Isla Saona to see the whales

Saona Island is a short distance from the mainland and can be reached comfortably with fast catamaran boats. As a protected nature reserve, the island has white and pure sand and magnificently beautiful and beautiful waters. It is the largest coastal island in the country, with an area of ​​42 mi2 (68 km2) and houses 112 species of birds, turtles, sharks, dolphins, whales and manatees.

Protected areas of the Dominican Republic, Nature in the Pure State

  Protected areas of the Dominican Republic, Nature in the Pure State: a new book by José Manuel Mateo Féliz and Adolfo López Belando   The Dominican Republic has 120 Protected Areas, visited by almost 800 thousand people each year. Ecotourism attracts more visitors every day and benefits the communities where it develops.   The…

Purposes for 2019: Travel more

  A new year has begun and with endless new purposes to improve aspects of our lives. There are some very typical objectives such as quitting smoking, losing weight … But what about traveling more? Traveling is a way to cultivate the mind and spirit. We become more tolerant, we have a wider vision of…

A day like today, December 5, 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Las Americas

The arrival of Christopher Columbus to Isla Saona was on September 14, 1494, on his second trip, and he called it “Bella Savonesa”, in honor of the savona Michele da Cuneo, the first to realize that it was an island different from the so-called “La Española”, the current Dominican Republic. The natives, who had always called her Adamanay, found it difficult to pronounce the new name, so it ended up being called Isla Saona.

Palmchat bird, the National bird of Dominican Republic, on Saona Island

Closely associated with the palm trees coating the beaches of Saona Island in the Dominican Republic, there are the Palmchat, the Cigua Palmera in Spanish, is the national bird of Dominican Republic, and its scientific name is Dulus Dominicus.