The pleasure and benefits of breathing the sea breeze

Did you know that breathing the sea breeze has benefits on your health? Yes, so in addition to relaxing looking at a unique landscape in the Dominican Republic, you can benefit from the beneficial properties of the sea. Stroll along the beach that walking on the sand is also good. Bathe in the sea water and enjoy its positive effects.

Dominican Republic is more than rum and bachata, come and discover its natural charm

The Dominican Republic has a magnetism that is difficult to escape and that goes beyond its gastronomy, the rhythm of bachata and the contagious happiness of the Dominicans. When you visit this Caribbean country, then you understand that one of the reasons for the magic that resides in this tropical island is probably due to…

The charm of Dominican Republic will conquer you

To know a country, its people, its culture, you must also know its capital. You will fall in love with La Romana, home to Altos de Chavón in Casa de Campo. And of course, a must visit are the islands of Saona and Catalina in National Park of the East.

Tips for your Catalina Snorkeling excursion

Part of your Caribbean vacation will be hanging out in the Caribbean Sea off the shores of our beautiful beaches. The crystal clear water is begging that you put on your snorkel gear and see what lies under the sea. The Caribbean is a safe and fun place to snorkel no matter what level of snorkeler you are.

The best spots to snorkel in Dominican Republic

These are some of the best places to go snorkeling. The transparent warm water, its reefs, goldfish … These tropical destinations are an attraction for those who love the beauty of nature.